Our values are the roots that keep us grounded and growing towards our potential.

While principles are objective (unchanging, unbiased facts, like the law of sowing and reaping), values are subjective which means they are influenced by opinions and are changeable. Principles create a compass to which you can refer whenever something is in doubt, or you need to take a stand or evaluate an opportunity, behavior or situation.  They can help you determine your goals and values and help you choose between them when you are faced with conflicting issues or circumstances.

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Values are beliefs and opinions that we hold regarding specific issues or ideas. Our values are extensions of ourselves. They are personal, changeable, and internal. They are what define us. There are good values and bad values. For example, a band of thieves can have a system of values.  Bad Values are: 1) Emotion based 2) Destructive 3) Uncontrollable.  Good values are: 1) Evidence-based 2) Constructive 3) Controllable.

Some basic values include:

  • Discipline
  • Duty
  • Achievement
  • Order
  • Patriotism
  • Quality
  • Balance
  • Acceptance
  • Trust
  • Personal Growth
  • Spirituality
  • Flexibility
  • Professionalism
  • For a more extensive list, Goggle “personal values list”

Our personal values are the measuring stick by which we determine what is a successful and meaningful life. We need to ask ourselves. “What does a successful and meaningful life look like to me?”  Once you’re clear on what that life looks like to you, ask yourself “What is it that I want from this life?”  Asking yourself why you want what you want will help you uncover the values that inspire the life you want to live.

A Four-Step Guide to Living Your Values

  1. Pick a value—this could be a value you found you already have, or a new one you’ve chosen to add to your life.
  2. Set goals that are aligned with that value.
  3. Make decisions in such a way that it takes you closer to those goals.
  4. Experience the emotional and physical benefits of that value—these will then inspire you to pursue it further.

    Pick the next value and repeat. These four steps are simple, but they’re not easy. However, identifying and living your values is a powerful way to move toward a more intentional, flourishing life.

Keep Going and Keep Growing!

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