Small Changes

Have you every wanted to make some big changes in your life?  As I read old journal entries, I have made in years past, I find the same themes visited over and over again: 1.  I need to lose weight.  2.  I need to declutter my house.  3.  I need to get organized.  4.  I need to manage my money better.  5.  I need to spend more time growing spiritually.  6.  I need to get healthy.   7. I need to totally reset every area of my life!!!!  Then the next step would be a making a huge list of things I wanted to change about myself and my life.  Then came checklists, plans, and lofty goals of great changes to start immediately!!!  When all this was completed, I was exhausted, in a brain fog and totally overwhelmed to the point of paralysis.  At that point I would be unable to move forward and would start another downward spiral of bad habits, inability to focus and depression.  I was caught in a cycle of desiring to improve, overwhelm and inability to follow through with my plans and goals.  I wanted to see immediate results of major change!!

At that point in my life, I found a book by Elizabeth George call “Small Changes for a Better Life”.  She emphasized that by making small changes in our spiritual lives, family lives and our personal daily lives, we can grow closer to God, strengthen our relationships with others and cultivate good habits for living our best lives.  Not overwhelming, sweeping changes, but small habits done consistently every day in these areas:

Developing our relationship with God. Seeking wisdom. (She suggests daily reading the chapter of the book of Proverbs that corresponds with the date of the month.)

Establishing our purpose and priorities in our spiritual and practical lives.

Managing our lives and schedule. Establishing daily routines. Doing what matters most. Remember, how we spend our time is how we spend our lives.

 Caring for our homes and families

Caring for ourselves. Our health, our well-being, our personal development, our relationships with others.

Some small changes we can implement are:

Eating Healthily

Daily Exercise

Doing what matters most

Developing a Positive Attitude

Making the Bed

Establishing our priorities and livng by them.

Eliminating time wasting activities

Focusing on changing or adding one or two small habits at a time.

The small changes and little actions we choose to implement into our daily lives may seem insignificant, but they will add up to big results.  Those results are usually invisible in the beginning and when we do see a great change, it is always the result of a long series of little things, done consistently over time (as my current journal entries will attest!).

Start with that first small step and keep going.  Consistently repeating your chosen daily habits and actions, those small changes, will pave your way to a better life.

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  1. Very nice and so encouraging! Sometimes our daily routine gets busy and trys to cloud our days. If only we could stop…regroup…and keep moving forward! It’s the baby steps that lead to big things! ??

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