Me? Change?

You can change. You are not too old or set in your ways. If your “why” is big enough and important enough to you, you can change.

For example, I never imagined I would have a cat. Although I grew up on a farm, I was not particularly fond of animals; and cats were somewhere at the bottom of the list. Around 7 years ago, I noticed the signs of a mouse running around my house when I wasn’t looking. I did a lot of research on how to deter mice from getting into the house. I was horrified at the thought that if one got in during the summer, I may have a mouse invasion when it started turning colder in the fall.

I needed a permanent solution.  I read about all types of mouse deterrents.  In every article, at the top of the list was, “Get a Cat.”  Since the only thing I hated more than cats was mice, I began thinking seriously about doing just that.

I made a trip to “Rescue the Animals” one day on my lunch hour to check out their cat selection. My eyes were drawn to a little golden eyed, yellow and white kitty. I went back to work and pondered over the decision. You see, I disliked cats. In fact, I hated cats! However, after work I went back, signed the adoption paperwork, and went home with a little cat!!!

The first few days, I petted him with my foot and he lived in the sunroom. Then I started really petting him and let him come inside the house for a few hours after work. Then he started peering through my kitchen window and meowing pitifully in the evening, so I began letting him in for the night, then back to the sunroom while I was a work. Then, when the late fall cold and dampness arrived, I started letting him stay in the house all the time.

Now I have a very large, very spoiled cat!!  He patiently waits each day for me to get home from work so he can follow me everywhere. No matter where I am or what I’m doing, he is purring beside me.  He drives me crazy sometimes when he gets in my way (like standing in front of my computer or lying on the book I’m trying to read!). However, he’s gone from being known as “The Cat” to being “My Kitty” and I enjoy him very much.

So, the moral of this story is, people can change.  I can change, you can change! Change can take place when we have a compelling reason to do so. I am living proof!!

Keep Going and Keep Growing!

Pringles, the King of the House!

6 thoughts on “Me? Change?”

  1. Very good Kathy??And yes your kitty, Pringles is now my buddy too?But only when your not home!?
    Love you???

  2. “If your why is big enough and important enough you can change “ really speaks to me Kathy❤️ Thank you for your post❤️

  3. If your why is big enough and important enough you can change really spoke to me Kathy. Thanks you ❤️

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