Hello September!

Summer has fallen into Autumn so quickly this year and Autumn is my favorite season of all! I have enjoyed Seasonal Living since I was very young. Growing up on a farm meant our outside work was determined by whatever season it was. I remember riding on the tractor or wagon as we harvested the corn. The old corn picker would gobble up the dried, pale, beige cornstalks and spit out the golden ears of corn into the wagon. Going back and forth in the field which was beside a beautiful woods full of colorful trees is a treasured childhood memory. I love the colors and smells of Autumn!

The Seasonal Living section of my website is filled with ideas for making your Autumn special this year. And to take advantage of the bounty of apples available, I’ve included a very easy and delicious recipe for Fresh Apple Cake with Caramel Icing for you to try. Have a great September!

Have a great month and remember to Keep Going and Keep Growing!


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